Ecological charter of Neopaul

Neopaul installs more than 1000 illuminated signs per year. Our illuminated signs comply with strict quality and safety regulations at the best possible price. Quality is guaranteed not only by strict production requirements but also by high ethical, ecological and social conditions.

Solar panels

In 2011 Neopaul invested in the installation of 2000 m2 of solar panels. To date, this has generated 223,476 kWh and reduced CO2 emissions by 123 tonnes.


All our products can be dismantled, sorted and recycled by specialised companies. Neopaul has products like metal, acrylic or fluorescent lamps processed by recycling companies and receives the necessary certificates, which we can present to you.

Chemical Products

Neopaul prohibits the use of toxic chemicals in the coating, printing and treatment of materials. In the work environment, Neopaul prohibits the use of solvents and other chemical products that are harmful to employees.

Light Pollution

Neopaul endeavors to make all products as energy efficient as possible and applies optimal LED techniques. Neopaul prevents light pollution by automatically adjusting the brightness of LED screens and LED pharmacy crosses to the ambient light.

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